Mon 18 Jan 2021 12:20


Rich beyond your wildest dreams--- 3 Bentleys on the drive, a yacht in the Med, Ski chalet in France, Summer home in Oz... and enough money to push MRFC past Worcester Warriors...

Sorry, winning the lottery might get you this, but we can't promise the same if you join the MRFC 75 club... but you could taste the proceeds of success in a modest way.

For £10 per month you go into the draw last Saturday of every month, and we pay out 50% of our income! If we have 50 members you could win.

1st prize: £175 • 2nd prize: £50 • 3rd prize: £25

If it grows to 75 members, then 1st prize is £265, 2nd £75, 3rd £35 ... and all these prizes are monthly. No matter how small or large, we pay out 50% monthly.

Payment is by standing order or cheque for 7 months (minimum), sorry it's not practical to collect cash monthly.

See Jon Owen at

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