Our first review of policy and procedures in line with RFU Guidance is that of Discipline. As a club a rarely needed policy and as such one that we were keen to make sure all our players understood.

We need to ensure we protect players, our external reputation and be clear players know how such matters are dealt with.

The official RFU guidance is contained within in a link below.

Roles in disciplinary matters are laid out within this document.

The initial panel will be chaired by Club Secretary, the Director of Rugby and Youth Chairman will make up the panel.

Our Club Chairman would chair any appeal process.

Any panel need to meet with player within 48 hours as the North Mids RFU could meet within 7 days and the club hearing and report needs to get to them.

Key to this is any player who is to be disciplined getting good council from likely Team Managers and captains and presenting their position.

This will include any acknowledgement of the allegation and their thoughts on the observations on usually the referees report.

This to include an apology or not and a presentation of their rugby playing history and whether this is a first offence and any lessons learnt.

Any sanction given by the panel will start there and then if there is a finding.

The secretary or DoR or Secretary or Club Chair if no local appeal could and should then go with the player and explain club position and sanction to North Mids hearing, to support the player.

All of the above we hope would show we are committed to good discipline, the player we are balanced and fair, the rest of the players and club we are proportionate.

RFU Guidance - http://www.englandrugby.com/mm/Document/General/General/01/32/33/85/RFUDisciplineguidancenoteforclubs_English.pdf